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Board of Directors

  • Charles Welch – Chair
  • Michelle Styma
  • Carrina Samkowiak
  • Richard Entz, MD - Vice Chair
  • Adam Looze - Treasurer/Secretary

Executive Director

  • Samantha Borowiak

Sharing expertise, care and compassion

Recovery is possible!

NMSAS Recovery Center is a nonprofit 501 (c) organization dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to discover and strengthen their recovery path from alcohol and other drug addiction.   We support and serve individuals, families and communities through our treatment services and peer recovery support services.  

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Recovery is possible.
  • There are many pathways to recovery and we support individual choice.
  • All individuals deserve the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • All individuals have strengths which we will support.
  • "Community” however it is defined for an individual, plays an important role in helping to sustain an individual’s recovery.
  • There is a need for strong and coordinated care.
  • Servant leadership.


Meet Our Teams

Our Service Providers

Dr. Eugene Wang

Dr. Eugene Wang

Medical Director

Dr. Julia Riddle

Dr. Julia Riddle

Chris Blanchet, PA

Chris Blanchet, PA

Masters Level Counselors

Peer Recovery Coaches Trained

Years CARF Accredited

Years in Service


What People are Saying

“Before I came to NMSAS, addiction had completely taken control over my life. But thanks to their incredible staff and services, I was able to find hope and begin the journey towards recovery. With their support, I learned valuable tool’s and coping mechanisms that allowed me to break free from addiction. NMSAS truly helped me change my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for there help.”

“Everyone is so compassionate and caring and wants us to succeed and have a happy outcome.”

“I come here because of the professionalism and I am treated with compassion and kindness.  I believe all workers here are 100% here to help me.”

“There is an overall abundance of care and a wide range of care, especially during my pregnancy, I had all the services I needed.  Everyone is loving and caring.  They really care and it makes a difference.”

“…because the staff are great and have been helpful.  I would be sad if this place was gone.”